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I am passionate about worldwide travel!!!!


I am passionate about travel!!!! I have THE incurable "travel bug!" If you are a traveler, you know what I am talking about. The more you experience this wonderful world, the greater your passion becomes.

I have been in the travel business for over 28 years and have worked for the following airlines: USAirways (the former USAirways not the newly merged America West/US Airways), British Midland and America West Airlines. My most recent position was at America West Airlines as the Director of International Sales and Marketing, directly overseeing 72 offices around the world. I have coordinated international sales and marketing for several companies and have worked and been involved with cruise lines, hotel and car rental partners as well as key theme parks in the USA (see also . For the past 14 years I have been selling and coordinating travel worldwide for individuals and groups. At the same time, I have acted as Director of Sales for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce handling groups, meetings and weddings. My global network of experts have provided ideas, personal travel and business experience, and have influenced much of the contents of this website. They are able to provide excellent local expertise for you, the traveler: current, on the spot information about the specific location you are visiting. I offer three foreign satellite offices: Germany, Thailand and Australia.

I have lived in Europe and gone to a German language school in Basel, Switzerland. I am married to a wonderful man, who is a first generation American, with parents from Berlin.

My son, age 14 has already had the opportunity to visit many countries including: Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Antigua and several other Caribbean territories! He has a great love of any mode of travel. Just ask him and he will tell you his daily favorite, and his answer may be in either German or English!

I have a great desire to share my love and knowledge of travel with you, and to help you create a memorable, personalized, one of a kind vacation. My specialization is in Europe and Canada, although I can assist with any type of travel to any place in the world!

Services offered are as follows:

~ Airfare
~ Attraction Discounts
~ Christian Service Church groups
~ Cruises
~ Homes/Hotels/Villas
~ Satellite Offices:
*German/English speaking European office
*English/Thai speaking Asian office
*English speaking Australian office
~ Tour Packages
~Travel Insurance
~Wine Tours

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Bon Voyage!
Susan Boehnstedt
President, Critics Choice Vacations
Phone 480-831-9076


travel, wine, running, cooking, photography, reading and theology.